October 2013

jamesluxley.com as it was later 2011 taking James Luxley to cerasius.com. So this content is "outdated" but is presented also now so you can see how James came to be where James is today. Some things are not true but some things are and it all eventually took James on an amazing odyssey. All free for you.

Carta Lux III

2012 December:

This book #3 is still in preparation and was offline for a while.

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Wikipedia - pedia - child! But now you get it all for nothing and cerasius.com does not ask for any donations.

James Luxley's Wicked Vicky is up and running but is not my first priority so it will just sit there for now. Enjoy.

Comment on Religion

What is insulting is that there are people that pretend that what religions say is the truth. In the 2012 who believes in a religion is a low intellingence man. All the religions. Think about what the bible tells, it is the base for the 3 most important religions (muslim, christian an hebrew). Think about Noah that had to carry on its ark more than 3 million of animals (estimated) and food for feeding them during a flood that should have been universal, but surely has been only local. (no other ancient people reported it) Think about the angels with the wings, for what reason if they are pure spirit so they don't need them to move? And so on .... Just read it with open eyes and you will have only to laugh.

More, the religions are for criminals that want to hide their dirty interests to make wars and to gain power and money on the people's lives. How many men have been killed in the name of God?
For an intelligent man it is a duty to joke on gods and religions.

Comment at Charlie Hebdo making the headlines rt.com.

Symbols, Sex & Stars

I recommend two books in PDF format about religion and LIES:

Data, information, social, tweets, in the face... headache!

The tool for you who use Wordpress, Wikipedia or other systems. The tool to collect information automatically so you can build your platform quick and easy in as few steps as possible.

Lux new way of seeing...

Try it out for the word: dragon or Rolls Royce. James Luxley has set up a Lux wiki and it uses Cerasius.com to pull news and related information to expand Wikipedia beyond Wikipedia's limits.


Cerasius is Latin for Cherry. It is a system to collect data for a standalone online system or for Wordpress or Wikipedia especially. Wikipedia is fine but lacks and is rather limited and this is where Cerasius will assist you in building a much better experience. If you want to promote and idea Cerasius is for you. If you run a blogg Cerasius is for you.

Cerasius has its very own website at: http://cerasius.com where you can read more and follow the progress as Cerasius goes into final release during 2012.

Visit http://cerasius.com and take a peek at the future.

Book 3

Book number 3 in preparation and prior articles on various topics have been move here.

Book 1 & 2 with II x I-V of My Investigation is Nearly Ready

The final chapter actually connect two investigations into one. Once this chapter is finalized I shall begin to organize it so you get a clearer picture of all the information presented here. Book #1 is almost ready and the other angle will be named Book #2. The final chapter will finalize these 2 books.

Nearly there. It takes a while to rewrite history and it will be rewritten and many of the goddesses that lived will be resurrected in a new world where light shines for the first time so humans can see in the darkness created by very very sick rulers of the old world. In fact so sick that with that sickness alone they tried to ensure their eternal life as gods. I am however sure and convinced that they will enter darkness never to be found or at least hidden far away in a dungeon for the future to behold how evil disguised as the devil prevailed for 6000 years.

New World... ahh... so they think they can re-trick us a second time around. The news is out and it is spreading faster than Sahara can blow sand to cover up years of deceit.

Machiavellian. Total occupation of Myanmar for many many years. All false flag and Clandestine operations

Last night I was resting my head as if that is possible. And suddenly I put 2 and 2 together. Aung San Suu Kyi is an agent for United Nations working to keep the continued occupation of Burma going. A whole world has been deceived for hundred of years and especially since 1946 with regards to Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi. She (born 19 June 1945) and United Nations (The UN officially came into existence on 24 October 1945) were born at the same time.

Starbucks Twin Tailed is Bank Money

A few days back I was at the airport and I waited and I had to sit down and you know how benches are occupied with people luggage and children and no room so I looked around for a cafe or similar where I could sit read my newspaper for 20 minutes in peace. I was not hungry so I didn't want to enter a diner so I spotted Starbucks. I like coffee. It looked easy and quite and would suite me very well.

Pagan Car logos and Sister is Ishtar and Rolls Royce is a Rolling Royal

It is all by design made to trick. Machiavellianism is what Jesus was part of. That is a big part of the deceitful Holy Grail. One world religion is here and has been so for many years. I am sure many knows this and I see from just searching Google that some knows this but I am going to mention it (again) anyway. On the right you see four japanese car logos and let us go over them one by one here (read about the fifth VW under the image on the right)

Google Search here search there search everywhere

One day the so called founders of Google was sitting in a garage of all places (how imaginative) and they were making doodles trying to think of a name. One said: "Let's doodle some and see what we come up with... anyone wants a beer?". So while drinking beer they started to write. One wrote "people" and some where drawing cartoons and actually making doodles.

Everything is occupied

Hosni Mubarak’s trial is a smokescreen. Julian Assange is agent for posing as a free thinker. Aung San Suu Kyi and that whole story is a clandestine operation. There is only deceit left. Amnesty International is a front operation. Red Cross is a front operation. Everything has been like this for the past few thousands years. Open the news and all the news are coordinated and based on sting operations and fraud and created and designed. You are living it - 1984. And 1984 has been here for centuries.

Wikipedia Denmark content administrated by The State of Denmark - Archeological relics reveal that The Tribe of Dan became the dreaded Vikings

Fraud and a criminal act since they are deceitful and disqualified working in conflict of interest and The State of Denmark is in on it. This could make a bloody good movie script just in itself!

Greece - Get out of The Euro, Get out of Europe

Βγείτε από το ευρώ, να βγούμε από την Ευρώπη, να βγούμε από τα χρήματα της κυβέρνησης και της τράπεζας. κάνει τα χρήματα του ίδιου του λαού σας. Ξεχάστε διεφθαρμένη κυβέρνηση σας. Ελπίζω και πιστεύω πραγματικά μπορείτε να το κάνετε. Μποϊκοτάρουν τις εκλογές. Μποϊκοτάζ όλη την κυβέρνηση και να πάρει πίσω τη χώρα σας. Ξέρετε τώρα, μετά τον Αλέξανδρο Γρηγορόπουλο σκοτώθηκε το κράτος δεν είναι μαζί σου, αλλά εναντίον σας.

The Holy See Occupies the whole world

The Roman Empire only evolved over time and changed skin to suite the different ages. But believe me, we are all living in the same Old World Order under One Nation namely the Grecian-Roman. I don't fear emperors - I fear ignorance and stupidity and because we have too much of that, we will not move ahead in the emperors world where stagnation seems God given! But we have so much today and invented cars and iPhones and computers and neuclear power - how can you say this? Well, I have news for you; we'd be far more advanched had it not been for braindead emperor, kings and bankers living in their old world of ancient mystic religions.

Dan Mark, Thyra, Roman Church, Imposters and fake royals

In Denmark there are about 5.5 million people and about 5 million of them believe that Denmark comes from Gorm The Old and their Royal Queen is Christian based. Lie. I have proof that she is an imposter. Gorm The Old was grim/ugly and probably as I understand it a local genuine indiginous Norse or better known as Vikings. Then Archbishop Unni and the Catholic church wanted to conquer the old land north of Germany (now Danmark) and to do so they looted and plundered and

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