Rothschild are all over the place. They also invest in China now regarding wine. Actually I believe Rothschild is inside your pocket if you know it!

A fine wine! Fine indeed! One might translate that it is in the spirit - the good spirit - the truth is. Wine; the perfect investment object. In ten to 20 years it can go from a fifty US Dollar per bottle to two thounsand US Dollars or more all depending.

What do vines and vineyards symbolized in the bible and other texts? The bloodlines, the 'chosen people' of the gods and the secret knowledge.

Here depicted is a Mouton Rothschild 2011 (I had another picture of a 1986 Rothschild wine before) and you can read the whole flongwinded story about this very veru vori fine wine right here (the 1986 wine but same meaning/story). You will notice my writing is getting spiritually enlightened. Not of drinking Mouton but because I feel the whole wine-mafia has pulled it too far. Enough is enough. is the place to go if you want some boose. Baron Philippe De Rothschild has it.

What is wine? 89 percent water and then alcohol at 10 percent and about 1% is dry fruit mostly carbon.

Historically wine is a drink that was drunk by the commoner in every day life and it was cheap and good. It provided nourishment and an alternative to polluted water (same goes for beer). But to speak of wine tasting of Tobacco and nuts and flowers all in one is that not too far fetched. We need to bring on the emperor with no clothes here and see if we can learn something. But the winers and diners in the high circles probably knows very little about wine in reality and will keep up the show to keep the prices going up while they swallow and spit from their pallet.

Chemical Components of Wine

Wine is as above mentioned mostly water. Very expensive water. And this water is taxed in most countries because it is mixed with alcohol! The chemical components of wine can be read here. Now where in earth does these chemicals come from? Well, alcohol is alcohol - we know that. But the rest such as proteins and vitamins and minerals? The grapefruit will pull in water from the earth and in that process pull out minerals from the earth for is growth and bind them in the grapefruit itself. So a bottle of wine has the components the grapefruits has and nothing else unless something external is added to the wine. And they do add stuff such as clearing enzymes. Different bacteria can be added to make different wines much like a cheese becomes different depending on the bacteria added from external source. Nature can by itself produce wine because the grapefruit has bacteria on the outer layer of the fruit itself. If for instance you leave the fruits by themselves they will ferment and the natural bacteria will use the sugar to produce alcohol.

Health of Grapes

In the media they love to say "Wine is healthy". Well, this is as true as saying that coffee is healthy because it contains water! Grapes contain various chemicals which benefits you and grapes are in wine so now the industry can say two plus two is four. And people love stuff like that because now drinking is healthy. No, alcohol is not healthy but grapes are. Even The Mayo Clinic is in on the hype. Quote: "Still, many doctors agree that something in red wine appears to help your heart.". Something? Like water or what? Later Mayo does mention that Antioxidants in red wine and resveratrol are healthy. Bang on. These components are in the grapefruit and the grapes are used to make wine. Grapes are healthy and not just wine. Nature makes wine - not man. But by adding wine to a bottle and doing some very expensive marketing and advertising presenting wine in a bottle as a gem the industry has managed to make people believe that wine is an investment object much like diamonds and so people buy into this shit and will find every supermarket stuffed with bottles of wine looking very fruity on the shelves.

We can agree that some wines do taste very nice and a nice good port-wine can taste very good indeed. But they are overpriced to such an extend that it is plain robbery to sell a bottle for far more than its true value. But as we will see value is what the market is prepared to pay so there be it.

Wine has become an investment object just like gold or property and in some instances even more so.

Europe dumps wine

EU subsidizes wine and each year millions of liters of wine is dumped to keep the prices high and this hits the tax-payer and the households. Production of wine and foods are controlled like the governments control everything else and with that good cheap and better foods and drinks are kept out of Europe from continents such as Africa. Farmers have become nothing more than the lackeys of the elite and farmers are right inside the pockets of the elite and there is nothing they can do about.

Know more

Just on the topic of wine alone there are books written and you can study wine until you die and still not know everything. I therefore leave a few links here for your interest and further reading should you feel like it. But please recall that wine has no health benefits that grapes does not have and you are better served buying the grapes themselves if you are looking for obtaining health benefits. If you like to be fooled then please pay 50 Dollars for your 70 cc wine but recall that you are paying to the already rich and while you might get a feel of being spirited you will also feel lightweight in your pocket.

Above in the menu is a section alone on wining and dining. Chin chin and let it all out as they say in China!

And on that note... China... Rothschild makes winery in China!